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No, these layers are sewn into the underwear fabric, they are not removable. It is designed and produced to give you the look and feel of regular underwear, incorporating the functional layers that provides protection against leakage and stain.

There are two parts to the monnablacon period underwear design – one, the actual underwear fabric which is soft and luxurious against your skin, quick drying and moisture wicking. Our current collection of monnablacon underwear is a combination of nylon and spandex.
Second, this fabric combination is completely safe and suitable for use in feminine hygiene products. This technology has taken over 2 years to develop to achieve the goal of absorbing liquid whilst remaining dry to the skin.
In testing our technology compared to our competitors, we have found that the absorption and dryness to the skin is far superior

monnablacon, in full lining style, is designed to be worn as back up on your heavy flow days. Its main purpose is to give you protection against the chance of having menstrual blood leak through your clothes, or onto bed sheets after a night sleep. Why ruin perfectly good clothing and sheets right? And oh, the embarrassment that comes with having blood stain at the back of ones skirt/pants/dress, who wants that?
On the days when you’re expecting your period, or at the end of your cycle where it’s a lighter flow, you can wear monnablacon, in the mini lining style, on its own, without any party-liners. This way there’s no unexpected surprises at the start of your cycle - you stop being anxious and paranoid in the upcoming days of your period.
Aunt Flo will flow (ha! sorry didn’t mean for that to rhyme like it did) when it decides to, but as you have monnablacon to protect you, no stress comes your way. Or should I say you have ‘other’ stress factors to deal with at this time of the month – wanting to eat a block of chocolates…craving for anything and everything sugary and unhealthy. Unfortunately monnablacon can’t help you with this type of stress.

Our technology fabric combinations are odor resistant and anti- microbial.
Remember that in your heavy flow days, you are recommended to wear your usual sanitary pad/tampon/menstrual cup. monnablacon, in our current design, is not intended for use without these. So in essence, as you will be changing your sanitary pad/tampon/menstrual cup every few hours, you shouldn’t have to deal with the smell that comes with menstrual blood in the underwear.
But life as we know it isn’t always as rosy that we get the chance to “change” every few hours (e.g.: stuck in a meeting that went longer than planned!) If this is the case, be confident that monnablacon will back you up with the leak-proof protection it is designed for just in case of overflow.
If you are wearing monnablacon in the upcoming days of your period, or at the end of your menstrual cycle, on its own and without any party-liners, be confident that the light flow on to the underwear will not generate a strong smell.

Leakage should not occur if washing instructions are followed. Specifically, this involves not using bleach, harsh chemicals or fabric softeners when washing.

This may be valid if monnablacon is worn on its own, without the use of sanitary pads/tampon/menstrual cup. As our top layer fabric disperses the liquid into the absorbent layer and keeping it there, there would be no risk of the liquid being squeezed out as such.
On product testing our current full lining underwear range, results have shown there has been no fluid squeezed out after sitting down whilst wearing a tampon/sanitary pad/menstrual cup for a full 12 hour period. This could vary given the activity that the women may undertake at the time and the amount of menstrual flow that each individual experience.

Testing shows our underwear can hold 4-5 teaspoons (20-25ml) of liquid depending on the design and the style you have selected.

Yes, you would treat your monnablacon Period Underwear the same as your regular underwear. Throw it in the wash with your other clothes, ensuring though you don’t use bleach, harsh chemicals or fabric softener when washing. These products can impact the longevity of your monnablacon underwear – surely you wouldn’t want to shorten its lifespan, it’s now going to be your best owned underwear after all.

We estimate 50+ washes if the specified fabrics care instructions are followed.
Depending on how many times you wash and wear it, your monnablacon period underwear should last you well and truly over one year (assuming it is worn and washed 3-4 times per month).
This makes for a good investment to have in your drawers; underwear to PROTECT you and not just simply be another piece of pretty underwear you collect along the way!

The full lining is designed for your heavy flow days, with the use of your regular sanitary pads/tampon/menstrual cup.
The mini lining is designed for use at the start of your menstrual cycle, and/or at the end, where it’s the light flow days - on its own, without the use of party-liners.
You can build a set to suit your needs as you get to know monnablacon and what works best for you.

Yes, absolutely, the fabrics we use in our monnablacon period underwear are suitable for use in feminine hygiene products.
Furthermore, the monnablacon fabrics are suitable for sensitive skin. Our top layer in our technology fabric combination is pH balanced, making it easier and comfortable on the skin to achieve and maintain its normal pH level.

Absolutely, you can use our monnablacon underwear to work out at the gym.
It is comfortable and purposeful that you may even decide to replace all your regular underwear with our monnablacon. Your regular underwear could then become obsolete, as it doesn’t give you the advantage that monnablacon can bring your way. Want to wear it every day? No problem at all, we’d love for you to love our monnablacon every single day of the year (there’s a lot of “love” going on there!)

Yes, monnablacon is also suitable to use if you suffer from mild incontinence. That moment when you laugh or sneeze unexpectedly, and have a little discharge because of it (perhaps caused by pregnancy? weak bladder?), monnablacon can help you here too.
Life should be about letting go and laugh when we want to – not be restricted because one suffers from a little case of mild incontinence. Life is just so unfair being a woman.

Each monnablacon’s underwear has a hygiene strip on the gusset - this ensures each piece is guaranteed to never have been visited by Aunt Flo.
Our return policy states that if the hygiene strip is removed from the gusset of the underwear, returns would not be accepted. We want all our customers to never doubt the cleanliness of our monnablacon products.

The layers used in our technology fabric combination and its ability to absorb liquid yet keeping women feel dry is what sets us apart from our competitors.
We recommend you view our testing videos on YouTube, which is a product comparison against the largest seller of period underwear in the USA and Canada.